RevolVR Alpha Controller: A Brief Review

As we were unboxing the RevolVR Alpha Virtual Reality Controller, we had many questions in mind. How will the controller be able to connect with a mobile device? Will it work instantaneously with the game? What do we need in order to set it up? Plenty of questions were on our mind, but were completely answered after we tested the controller. The controller we got is, of course, an alpha version that is in the works still. It is not the final product yet. Nevertheless, the whole process was very simple.

After we inserted the batteries in, the gun controller glowed blue and when you press on the trigger, there is a red light emanating from the top. It almost looks like a technological fireworks celebration. Inside the package there was a filter which protects the camera from exposure to environmental lights that may interfere in the way the controller functions. To test it, we downloaded several apps from the company’s website. First, we tested a zombie mini-game designed to put the virtual reality experience into practice. When the app started, we began to move the gun in the air, and the in-game gun would move exactly and accurately as we moved it. It was truly unbelievable how accurate it mirrored our movement in real time. When we aimed at a zombie and pushed the trigger, the zombie would immediate get shot wherever we aimed at. We instantly knew that the RevolVR Virtual Reality Controllers will be a great success.

Our main issue with the controller would be that it’s not entirely stable (fixed) in the game as you would want it to be, but this didn’t affect gameplay. This will definitely change considering the controller is an alpha device, so it absolutely looks wonderful for an alpha device. Moreover, it literally didn’t take any effort to set it up. You simply open the app and the app recognizes the controller without any software settings or bluetooth connection. These devices can potentially work on any game and it comes down to the developer to integrate the controller’s sdk for it to work.

We are looking forward to see them function on the popular FPS or TPS games like Critical Ops, Modern Combat or Shadowgun DeadZone. Just imagine yourself playing your favorite shooting game with a gun in your hand and being able to top the battlefield with your aiming skills; how awesome would that be? Once the final products are out, you literally launch your game and turn on your gun controller and that’s all it takes to play!


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