The Mobile Future: What To Expect?

It’s hard to believe where the mobile platform once was and where it stands today. Almost a decade ago, there were no worthy applications or fascinating games. This new ecosystem did not just appear out of nowhere, it took years and years of research, development, and support. But now that we are here, we can easily look towards the future and predict what one day will be possible. The advantage that the mobile platform holds is its mobility. In fact, you can be playing an intense online match while you’re waiting for the bus. This is now possible due to the new line of devices that can handle demanding tasks effortlessly.

Looking towards the future, we believe that flexible screens will be the new norm for mobile devices. According to the Business Insider, researchers have successfully developed a colored flexible display with touch-enabled support. This great technological development comes from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Not surprisingly, the initiative had the LG company backing it up with the use of its phone’s hardware and processor that runs on Android 4.4. This isn’t the first time LG pioneered an area in technology; their LG Prada was the first mobile phone with a capacitive touch screen.

More people will be using mobile devices for reasons other than making a phone call or sending a message. Now, gaming is a very popular area among mobile users. Due to this dramatic increase, we believe that gaming will be taken to a much wider level. It is expected that Mobile eSports will become a greatly widespread activity, with millions joining global tournaments similar to how it takes place on PC & Console. This will certainly boost the demand for mobile devices that are stronger and faster in order to compete in such tournaments. This will also allow for a more cross-platform oriented experience between iOS and Android users.

Furthermore, with virtual & augmented reality experiences getting interest from the mobile market; it seems that we will see more unique applications, devices, and experiences taking place within the near future. Perhaps we might be seeing holographic mobile devices even. Who would’ve thought that the Google Glass would be a reality before it was introduced? We can even jump 20 years from now and see the frightening symbiosis of man & machine. Imagine a world where you would no longer need the mobile devices you carry now, but your palm operates as a keyboard via an implanted circuitry (just like sci-fi film Total Recall). How far can technology go? The future is before us and we need to approach it with responsibility and caution, but we can certainly say that the mobile future will be full of excitement.