iChase: A Rising Icon In The Mobile Community

Our team covers unique stories regarding the mobile world and we couldn’t avoid covering one of the most influential youtubers in the mobile gaming community, iChase. His YouTube career truly began in 2013 when he started making videos about Respawnables, a popular mobile game developed by Digital Legends.

At that time, his channel was young yet he never stopped trying to reach out to passionate mobile gamers with his talent and unique personality. He became an icon in the Respawnables community but his fame never stopped there. Later on, his talent reached the world of Clash Royale where tens of thousands visited his channel to learn new strategies from him.

With over 3 years of hardwork, he managed to reach over 180,000 subscribers and has become the image of MobileEsports.Org where he presents and shoutcasts some of the biggest eSports events in the mobile industry. It is safe to say that iChase is one of the most influential youtubers in the mobile gaming community and deserves as much support as possible.

With his voice, he led the path for mobile games to thrive and gave a reason for gamers to find a home in the mobile gaming community. You can subscribe to his channel by clicking here. As a mobile community, let us stand together and help iChase reach 1 million subscribers.