LG G6: All What You Need To Know

The word is that the LG G6 will give the Samsung Galaxy S8 a run for its money. The LG G6 is expected to be announced on February 26th and to be released on April 7th at the approximate price of $600. Based on what TechRadar has reported, the design is said to have a premium look with glass or metal body. Its display will be large with a 5.7 inch Quad screen surrounded by minimal bezels and featuring an aspect ratio of 18:9.

While there is not much information about the camera, we know it will be a dual lens camera. The device will have a non-removable battery and here comes the interesting part, it will have heat pipes to cool down the battery! So say goodbye to overheating.

LG G6 Leaked Image – Sourced From TechRadar.com

Furthermore, the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 which is found in the Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T. We expect to see at least 4GB of RAM and even higher.

Some of the main features that are exciting about it are the fast and wireless charging capability, enhanced audio, and Google Assistant. The device is said to charge up to 50% within 30 minutes which is quite amazing. According to ETNews, the LG G6 Battery is estimated to be at 3,200 mAh, which is 400 mAh more than the G5. Do you feel excited about the LG G6 already or do you want to wait and see what the official announcement will cover?