New Nokia Phones: What May Be Coming

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There hasn’t been much interesting news when it comes to the Nokia Brand, however, HMD recently announced the Nokia 6 which raised some interest among the Tech Community. The device is currently exclusively available in China and no news about global release has surfaced yet.

Furthermore, TechRadar reports that there may be at least 3 or 4 other Nokia phones that may be debuted at the Mobile World Congress. These devices are believed to be the Nokia 8, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 3310. They are likely to launch on February 26th with the price starting cheap and may increase later on. There are several leaks that inform us of what the upcoming devices will be like.

Nokia 6 – Image Sourced From

It is expected that the Nokia 3 will have a 5.2/5.3 inch 720p display, while the Nokia 5 to rock a 5.2 inch 720p display, and the Nokia 8 to feature a 5.5 inch QHD display. As for the design, the top end models are believed to have metal shells and water resistance, while the lower end models will come in plastic.

The camera department is where Nokia usually shines. The Nokia 8 is believed to feature a 23MP camera which is just crazy to imagine. On the other hand, the Nokia 5 & 3 will come with 13MP cameras. Moreover, the devices are expected to be powered from Snapdragon 425 to Snapdragon 835 while having a RAM between 2GB to 6GB.

The main features about these devices are the AI assistant and the fingerprint scanner which are anticipated by Nokia fans. Will Nokia regain back its old glory with these new devices? We will have to wait and see.