b-interaktive: An Inspirational Dev Story

Founded in 2011, b-interaktive established its headquarters in Germany and Poland. They have become known for their unique design in mobile games and the capability to connect players through their social gaming model. The company’s work has been praised by global brands due to their ability to modernize what was once considered classic.

One of their renowned titles that mirrors their approach is called Dice Duel, an online social game that is based on the Yahtzy experience. In this game, they allow players from around the world to connect with each other, chat, and play. The team at b-interaktive has truly built a vision that can bring past ideas and products to fit into a modern paradigm.

With such creative minds, we can ensure that the games and activities that we cared about in the past will not be lost. This company has proven that with the right model, games like Checkers, Ludo, and Dice Duel will always find an audience in the mobile gaming community.