Apple: The New 9.7 Inch iPad Unveiled

Apple has unveiled their new 9.7 inch iOS tablet to replace the old iPad Air 2, which launched in late 2014, finally making TouchID available on all of their iPads. The new iPad 9.7 inch starts at just $329 for the entry level model.

The new iPad comes with a 64bit Apple A9 chipset, the same chipset found on the iPhone 6S/Plus and the iPhone SE. The chipset comes with a dual core 1.84GHz CPU, a six core PowerVR GT7600 GPU, and two gigabytes of RAM.

While most of the new 9.7 inch iPad’s specifications are identical to the iPad Air 2, some of the key improvements include a new battery, the Li-Ion 8610 mAh (32.4 Wh) battery replacing the old Li-Po 7340 mAh (27.62 Wh). In addition, there is Apple’s new iOS 10.3 software and a 32GB base model internal storage.

The new 9.7 inch iPad will be available to order from Apple’s website on March 24th, 2017.