G FUEL: Gamma Labs’ Entry Into The Mobile World

GFUEL - Image Sourced From SupplementInnerCircle.com

The mobile world has welcomed Gamma Labs as it partnered with The DN Network in late February of 2017. To have a company of that magnitude taking interest in MOBILE E-SPORTS is indeed fascinating. This gives more credence to the vision that eSports on mobile is aiming to become. G FUEL has now become the official Energy Drink for MOBILE E-SPORTS.

Since late 2015, The DN Network has taken lead in presenting eSports on mobile devices while garnering tens of thousands of fans that have taken interest in this gaming sport. Their eSports initiative has become widely popular and undeniably successful in such a novel and unpredictable industry.

Yet this is not the end of the mobile story for Gamma Labs. A few days ago they have also released their first official mobile app called G FUEL [Free]. Users can now benefit from this app by ordering G FUEL products with convenience via their mobile devices.

Furthermore, there are exclusive products that will be found only through the recently released app and giveaways are to be expected as well. If you are a supporter of the mobile platform then you can start by downloading the G FUEL app so that we, mobile users, can show that we have a powerful presence and a strong voice.