Apple & Uber: The Silent War

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A silent war between Apple and Uber? It boggles the mind why these two giant companies may be in a controversial battle with one another. The Telegraph has reported that Apple threatened to remove Uber from the App Store due to Uber’s unlawful tagging of iOS users that had already deleted the app.

According to several reports, Apple’s Tim Cook and Uber’s Travis Kalanick held a meeting following this serious incident. During the meeting, it was reported that Tim Cook warned the Co-Founder of Uber that their app will be removed if the transportation network company does not desist from breaking Apple’s rules.

Tim Cook & Travis Kalanick – Image Sourced From

It seems that Uber’s app contained in its code the technology to reserve records of iPhones and could detect devices that had already deleted the app. Even Uber attempted to geofence Apple’s Headquarters so that the code would not initiate iPhone tagging when being inspected by Apple Engineers.

Had Apple removed Uber from the App Store, it would have caused irreparable damage to the company, especially at a time where the Uber is facing several obstacles.

In Uber’s defense, they state that the tagging technology found in their code is placed to prevent fraud and protect individuals against stolen credit cards. Uber’s Spokesman further clarifies that, “We absolutely do not track individual users or their location if they’ve deleted the app.” Uber resolved this issue by modifying their app to comply with Apple’s rules rather than ending the ability to tag devices.