GankStars: A Mobile World Champion

MOBILE E-SPORTS hosted one of the longest tournaments for Critical Ops, a first person shooter that has been growing dramatically among mobile users. It all started with 4 Qualifiers taking place in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. 256 teams were selected for the Qualifiers and from among the hundreds, 64 top teams qualified to compete in The World Cup Championship.

The process altogether lasted for approximately 9 months. As The World Cup launched, we watched some of the fiercest battles to ever take place in the game with extremely close matches. GankStars, a talented team in the mobile gaming community, managed to beat Theocracy in the Semi-Finals and faced Imperial in an epic Best of 5 Matches. Round after round, the teams put on an epic performance with the viewers sitting on the edge of their seats, not knowing how it all will end.

When the shoutcasters witnessed GankStars’ final victorious round and announced it, the mobile world trembled. A new world champion was born in the mobile FPS genre and this team made history with such talented players. GankStars has not only become the #1 champion in Critical Ops but also attained many more victories in Vainglory as well.

What will GankStars aim for next? It will be very interesting to follow this successful team throughout their mobile journey. Click here to check out their website and to stay updated with their latest news. You can watch the highlights for The World Cup Finals below.