E3: When Things Go Mobile

If you have been to an E3 Conference before then you know how excitement fills the air. This year, however, many were surprised due to big developers announcing mobile content instead of what they were expecting. For example, many fans were waiting for a new Elder Scrolls game only to discover that Bethesda was announcing a mobile version of the Skyrim expansion.

Bethesda did however announce a virtual reality version of Skyrim which many did not take lightly (your link here). With the disappointment that followed, many took to the internet to criticize mobile gaming but it is time for PC and Console players to realize that mobile is taking over.

In the eSports world for example, there has been a lot of development on the mobile side. Big developers are modifying their games for an eSports platform and big brands are entering the scene by sponsoring tournaments and investing in promising organizations. This is the reality that PC and Console gamers need to accept. Mobile games make more profit from PC and Console combined because everyone has a mobile device and they can use it anywhere and anytime.

This is a great advantage that many fail to realize. While it is yet a young industry, it is flourishing and advancing with lightning speed. The best thing that mobile critics can do at this moment is to take out their mobile devices and try some mobile games. They will find that Critical Ops will replace Call of Duty for them, that Vainglory will overthrow League of Legends, and that Clash Royale will take over their life.